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California State Fire Marshal Courses

Company Officer 2A- Human Resource Management- NEW

This course provides information on the use of human resources to accomplish assignments, evaluating member performance, supervising personnel, and integrating health and safety plans, policies, and procedures into daily activities, as well as the emergency scene.


Designed For: Aspiring company officers.


Prerequisites: Meet the educational requirements for Fire Fighter II.


Required Student Materials: Pocket Guide to the Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Act  and course textbook as chosen by the instructor. 

Instructor : Barry Rose
Time : 0900 – 1700 hrs

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  • Please check the OSFM website for full course description and prerequisites: OSFM FIRE



American Health Education, Inc. provides State Fire Training in our convenient Dublin location.  We are committed to providing the highest level of quality education for those seeking State Fire Training (SFT) courses. Students enrolling in any course should verify their course selection with STF.    The OSFM website contains pertinent course details and prerequisite requirements and it is the student's responsibility to seek clarification from the SFT if questions arise.   AHE cannot advise students on their course selection, SFT curriculum changes or certification requirements.  Spaces in each course are limited so to secure your slot, we highly recommend advance registration.