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Student Testimonials

  • This class was worth the money & time, everybody made it pretty easy to learn everything. All instructors were a lot of fun.
  • I'd like to thank everyone involved! The program you put on is just what I was looking for.
  • The instructors kept it fun and interesting!
  • Thanks for all of your time and dedication. It was really a fun environment to be in and learn.
  • The learning atmosphere was very relaxed which made learning easier.
  • This was the most exciting and intriguing class I've ever taken. I know my future is going to be a great one. Thank you all for everything.
  • I had a really awesome experience and would recommend this school to others.
  • I enjoyed this course very much and I definitely feel it was effective. The instructors all kept things fun and enjoyable. I really appreciate all of the opportunities offered to the students to study. It feels like the class flew by and we learned a lot in two months. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and shared their real life stories with us. Thank you for providing this service.
  • I liked the variety of instructors. They all brought something different to the table. I also like the real life stories and I LOVED the ambulance ride along.
  • I had a good time. My money didn't go to waste. Excellent environment. The attitude of all the instructors were great. Thanks a lot!!
  • Very enjoyable. fun learning environment. It's a great program and I wouldn't have taken it anywhere else, even if I spent Friday nights in a motel. I'm going to recommend it to anyone who wants to take this course.
  • I really enjoyed this class. This was my 1st step towards emergency medicine. Now I realize that this is what I love. All the teachers...made this class memorable. The teachers were able to take the book and add a ton of personal experiences and practical applications. All the teachers encouraged questions and made this a great environment for learning.
  • One of the amazing elements of this course has been the extensive roster of instructors we have had the privilege to learn from. The instructors were not only knowledgeable, but relayed the information in an interesting, and often humorous way. No matter the circumstances, each instructor taught with obvious commitment and dedication to teaching.
  • I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I liked all of the real life stories and info that the instructors had.
  • I feel a lot more confident and ready to go back into nursing. Great instructors! Very high quality program.
  • Quality educators - they really enjoyed their areas of specialty and got me excited about returning to nursing.
  • Enjoyed the class tremendously. Hope to take more courses from American Health Education.
  • Excellent teacher used a lot of personal experiences. Very patient and knowledgeable, I 'd like to take more classes from this instructor.
  • Excellent Instructor! I enjoyed this class a lot with her enthusiasm, experience and knowledge and also calm mannerism.
  • This course was very interesting - much more informative and enjoyable than I'd anticipated.
  • Teachers are friendly and encourage learning.
  • I was able to ask questions without feeling belittled. The questions were answered well.
  • Very good instructors, better than my college instructors.
  • Instructor makes it easy to understand the class.
  • Instructor has great personality and teaching skills as far as making things seem simple/understandable.