We offer specialty training courses for nurses looking to jump start or enhance their career. The RN Refresher provides up-to-date training for returning nurses. The Critical Care and Emergency Nursing Program are designed to provide nurses with the foundation to transition into these specialized areas of nursing.

Basic Emergency Nursing CE Course

Our Basic Emergency Nursing CE course is designed for registered nurses interested in obtaining a solid understanding of emergency critical thought process and focus assessment. This 4-day course focuses on determining priorities in care through assessment, treatment, key interventions, and management of a variety common emergency care patients.

Critical Care Nursing CE Course

This 10-day course is designed to provide the theoretical foundation to enable nurses to transition to Critical Care Nursing in a precepted environment. If you are a RN with no previous experience in Critical Care Nursing or if you need a review, this course is for you.

RN Refresher CE Course

If you have been out of nursing for a year or more then this course is for you! The 12-day course provides you with an update on the most important areas of acute care and includes the following one-day CE classes: All in the Abdomen, Cardiac Nursing, Critical Thinking and Communication, IV Therapy Update, Respiratory Care Update, Neurovascular Conditions and Diabetes in Acute Care, Post-Op Complications-Sepsis and Shock and much more.


Our standard office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.